Repeal the Law on Hunting with Bows

Please repeal the law on hunting with bows as it is no more dangerous than hunting with guns and if done correctly under license it is just as humane as if it was done with a gun. With regards to wounding of animals there is always the possibility of wounding when hunting. We are happy as a society to keep farm animals in appalling conditions so we can have cheap food but will not allow a small amount of people to hunt game as humans did for thousands of years. I would like to hunt large and small game for food under license without the hassle of owning a gun. It requires more skill and is not easy so it would not mean loads of idiots wondering the country side loosing of arrows everywhere. The main opposition would be from existing gun hunters who would see it as a threat to there sport not from animal rights groups. License hunting with bows and let us hunt the old sustainable way.

Why does this idea matter?

It is important because we are going to need sustainable ways of gathering food when all the oil dependent industries can longer feed us and why should we not have a basic freedom to hunt in a way that is sustainable for the game animals and us. Rabbits were introduced as a delicacy and now they are viewed as vermin  as we tuck into our earth destroying burgers. We need to change for our own survival and hunting with bows will be a skill that will be needed again. 

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