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Repeal the new part g of building regulations

Comment 7th July 2010

This new approved document contains some of the most rediculous legal requirements yet.

Introduced in April this year you have got to wonder what the coalition parties were doing in opposition. For those that arnt familiar the new partG includes a requirement for all new houses to have temperature restrictors on baths to stop people from jumpinginto hot water and scalding themselves. I know that this will happen to some people BUT surely we are educated enough in this country to be able to run a bath without government interfearence. IF not it is education we need to be looking at, not the plumbing system.

Another requirement is that somebody works out how much water a new house will use, but this is based on the number of appliances not the number of people as I understand it. The saving in water that this is aimed at would be better addressed by simply controling the manufactured appliances.

But perhaps the best bit of part G is the bit about greenhouses. Greenhouses are exempt from the regulations but now if you draw off water from a source shared with a dwelling at the greenhouse suddenly the building regs apply and the water has to be wholesome. Meaning that the building reg process including inspections  and fee is necessary if you connect a hose to the tap in your kitchen and use it to water your tomatoes.

Of course the regs are only to ensure that the water is wholesome but as they only apply when you draw off water from your dwelling, the same stuff you make your tea with the assumtion is that it will be wholesome withot the need for a man from the council checking.

This is new regulation April 2010 not some old nonsense ,it is also the law, what was that somone said about the law being an ass?

Why does this matter?

This is stupid regulation!

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