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Right to protest in Parliament Square

Comment 2nd July 2010

The right to protest in Parliament Square must be reinstated so as not to restrict our democratic right to protest, including allowing the peace protestors to return to their camp if they so choose as it is their democratic right to do so.

Why does this matter?

The removal of the right to protest in Parliament square is an afront to democracy and human rights, the government should not be allowed to start controlling when and where we can protest in such a way, especially at Parliament square alongside the democratic workings of our country because what message does that send.  It was an appauling infringement of our rights by Labour that this law was brought in and it is not a good sign that Boris Johnson the Conservative Mayor of London has recently evicted the Peace Protestors their, infringing their right to protest.  If the coalition government wants to be taken seriously on civil liberties and its liberal credentials allowing protest in parliament square is essential

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