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Comment 4th February 2016

Save money and scrap the ineffective Youth Justice Board. This Labour quango has cost the Public Purse huge sums of money and achieved very little except provide generous salaries to its management.

The youth Justice Board functions should be handed back to the Ministry of Justice asap and save us money.

Why does this matter?

Frances Done, the head of the Youth Justice Board. In June, she said magistrates and judges needed to impose fewer custodial terms on such offenders.

I'd like to introduce her to Troy, a 14-year-old we know well at our nick, who recently blinded a man in a pub with a glass bottle and laughed about it. We must grow up and accept that some kids are so poisoned they are pretty much lost to us.

Frances Done is an accountant by training, a former bean counter from the Audit Commission. This gave her the qualifications to talk about youth justice and sentencing.

It is time the Youth Justice Board was abolished and its functions handed back to the Ministry of Justice. This Labour quango should go now.

For more info read this 2010 report by Civitas:-

The cost of Youth Crime is £4bn per anum. We need it sorted now !

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