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unnecessary driving tests for towing trailers / driving small lorries

Comment 22nd June 2016

Without much publicity driving licenses issued to new drivers are much more restrictive than those issued in years gone by.  For example it is now necessary to pass a test just to tow a trailer. The cost of such tests is prohibitive and guess what, there is a high failure rate (another way of sucking more money into the govt coffers).

It is not necessary to pass a test for such activity and is reality you only become totally comfortable with maneuvering a small or medium trailer through being placed in real situations.

It is also necessary now to pass a test to drive a light lorry.  Why????

These restrictions should be removed.  

Without people being able to tow or drive these vehicles things like equestrian meetings will become difficult as there will be a lack of qualified drivers.

Why does this matter?

Restores liberties to motorists

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