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Working Tax Credit

Comment 2nd July 2010

Review how tax credit is awarded

Why does this matter?

The current system in how working tax credit is awarded needs to be looked at. I found claiming for tax credit useful when I was on a low income and it helped me until I was earning a better wage. However, a mistake was made and I was awarded too much. I always contacted them my circumstances changed and did everything that was required. However, I was sent a letter saying I owed them approx £1800. I appealed several times but, four years later, I had to pay back the money, going into debt in order to do so. I was even told that it was their mistake but I still had to pay it back. The only reason I paid it back is because they threatened to take me to court. I have always worked hard and have been honest by declaring additional self employed income and feel that I was unjustly made to re-pay the money. So that others do not receive an I.O.U letter just before Christmas, as I did, please review the current claim system.

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