The hunting Act should be repeled as it has proved to be unworkable, illiberel and a waste of Police time. It has given animal rights activists credence with the police as they aasume the position of monitors thinking that they are an extension of the Law, when they have publicly ststed that if tghere is a repeal they will revert to "sabbing" full time.

Let us hope that if and when the time comes for repeal, that this Government will not waste the hours on it that the former administration did and also take heed of the reports submitted on hunting especially that of Lord Burns.

Why is this idea important?

A repeal will allow those employed in hunting to carry out their duties without being constantly filmed and having false accusations made against them.

It will allow overstreched Police forces to concentrate on real crime.

It will allow the trust between the countrside and the Police to re-establish.

It will stop the indiscriminate shooting and trapping of foxes .

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