The average cost of installing traffic lights at a junction is over £100,000.  Why don’t we allow the installation of all way stops as they do in the USA.  A couple of pots of paint and a few signs and it works like a dream.

Why is this idea important?

Give Way and Stop junctions work in areas light traffic.  Roundabouts work in areas where there is balanced flow to and from from every direction.  The only other alternative currently in the UK is the signal controlled junction, which is why they put traffic lights at busy junctions.  There is a simple alternative, the all way stop as used everywhere in the USA. 

The rules are simple, you access the junction in the order you arrive at the stop line.  Just in case you think that is too much for you to work out, all  you need to do is note which direction the car comes from immediately before you get to the stop line, and go after the next car from that direction.

It can work with many different sizes and types of road meeting in a complex junction and is much, much cheaper to install and maintain.

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