Remove road tax and add the necessary revenue shortfall to petrol duty.


– Petrol is naturally 'progressive' (to use this weeks popular token).

– We will be able to remove the departments that currently manage the road tax process including the road tax evasion group (and their spy vans).

– We will reduce the overhead on the police

– We will be able to stop the very unadvisable adverts that talk about crushing people's property (not a good example for the state to set).

– Lets face it, in today's digital world sticking a bit of paper on your car is very dated. We can already chack insurance and MOT compliance on-line so it adds no value there either.

Finally, petrol station receipts need to show the petrol cost and the break down of duties paid. This will add transparency any allow us to keep an eye on the government's expenditure. All very healthy.

Lets just do it.

Why is this idea important?

– Saves tax revenue

– Stops the unproductive use of police time

– Adds transparency

– Improves civil liberties

– It is just common sense. No rocket scientist needed.

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