Social workers can too easily obtain emergency protection orders without the knowledge or presence of parents who then have their children removed without having had any opportunity to oppose or contest such removals.

Ex parte hearings ,meaning without the opposing party present  result too often in a magistrate granting powers of removal to social workers purely out of caution even when there is little evidence to justify such drastic action; Such orders only last 2-4 days but that is enough to traumatise young children from life when they have been dragged out of bed late at night by a posse of social workers backed up by policemen in uniform.

Parents should always be offered the opportunity to contest such orders before they are made.

Brutal parents who are alcoholic,bullies, or drug addicts are most unlikely to contest in such cases but parents who are respectable but may have very minor defects would certainly oppose the abrupt "confiscation" of their children if they were allowed to and I believe they should be given the chance!

Why is this idea important?

The idea is very important because social workers threaten parents into obedience with the threat of removing their children if they do not obey every instruction given !

The UK has in some respects become a police State with social workers and police removing newborn babies from hospitals, and children from their homes after dark with no prior warning or explanation given to distraught parents.These are not rare occurrences as literally thousands of babies and toddlers are removed  from their parents every year  by social workers contrary to the way things are managed in other EU countries where such barbarities are unknown !


  1. Social worker and family courts a joke they are not happy that they took four of my children they have now come in and taken my son Logan straight from the hospital we spent six months in there watching the doctors give him medication father medication high dosages they then gave him a steroid drug and we watch him deteriorate and nearly lost him and now we have had a social worker turn out and take him he us now up for adoption there must something we can do can any one give me any suggestions please I am so desperate to get him bak home were e belongs

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