Amend the working time directive to exclude private HGV's

The current working time directive does not allow people to persue their hobby at the weekend if the following apply:

1. They work full time

2 They need to drive a lorry at the weekend for hobbies such as horse driving trials, motor sport, transporting steam engines, or classic farm machinery. etc

The directive says that even working in an office means that you cannot drive an HGV at the weekend. However a professional lorry driver driving all week can drive any other vehicle all weekend.

This is unfair  and unreasonable to not allow people to get out from the office and enjoy something special to them. It is unreasonable that a professional lorry driver can drive other vehicles of their own choice.

Why is this idea important?

Many people enjoy a variety of hobbies which require an HGV lorry to get them there. There has not been any statistics published which say that they cause accidents more than professional lorry drivers.

It is an infringement of the genral publics freedom out of the workplace and not proven that accidents are prevented by this regulation.

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