At present Human Rights legislation applies to public authorities and leaves many people free of its obligations.  That means that its impact is variable and does not impinge upon individuals or most of the private sector.  If it applied to all individuals it would place a positive obligation on everyone to safeguard the Human Rights of all other citizens et al.  This means that people would be obliged to act in support of fellow citizens, proportionate to their capability, whenever they found an apparent infringement of another's rights.  For example, no individual would be able to do anything that impacted adversely upon other citizens and perhaps could apply to situations such as the banking crisis …? It would also apply in every day life so that people in crisis ought to expect support from fellow citizens, for example, witnessing a crime, dealing with anti-social behaviour.

Why is this idea important?

Placing an obligation on all individual citizens, proportionate to their capability, ought to underpin and engender a more cohesive and civil society.

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