Parents with no criminal records  are often served with injunctions forbidding them to contact their own children by email,phone,or face to face.I refer especially to cases where children have been taken from them for "risk of emotional abuse",or for "witnessing domestic violence" (often only verbal) and then forcibly adopted by strangers.

Parents who find out where their adopted children have got to, via facebook,utube,twitter,and other sites are jailed if they so much as wave at their children as they pass by in a car ! The father concerned was a month in jail but eventually his daughter returned to him.

A mother was recently handcuffed publicly and jailed for sending her son a birthday card,and yet another mother was jailed because her brother (without her permission) put photographs of mother and children on a video for utube !

I believe that any judge serving an injunction on any parent who has no criminal record forbidding them even long distance contact with their own children is breaching the Human Rights of both children and parents and there should be legislation to prevent similar injunctions in the future.  

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because the love of parents (especially the mother) for their children is the strongest emotion known to mankind.To forbid contact virtually for life, to a mother because she was previously in an abusive relationship,or because some expert thinks there just might be a "risk of emotional abuse" is outrageous. 

If we believe in freedom and in Human Rights something should be done to remedy a situation in the UK that can only be described as "appalling" .

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  1. This is total bullshit, my mother is an abusive psychopath. Cutting her out has been the best thing I’ve ever done. Laws like this would ensure that she could carry on her patterns of abuse.

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