When John Stuart Mill wrote 'On Liberty', he argued that a government should only involve itself in the personal affairs of an individual if they were harming another citizen. It is by this harm principle that believe that cannabis prohibition should end in this country. It is an unfair policy which criminalises those who use the drug, turning normal people into criminals, purely because they use a cannabis, a drug which research has shown to help such illness's as Alzheimer's disease, preventing lung cancer, helping brain cancer and many other such illness's. It is an individuals right to choose for his or herself what is best for themselves. 

I propose,

1.personal possession of cannabis decriminalised 

2.an individual will be able to grow up to three cannabis plants for personal use

3.That cannabis sold in a commercial setting should be regulated, a minimum age to buy it and a sin tax attached. 

Why is this idea important?

Legalisation would stop persecution of those who use cannabis, it would free up police time and space in prison, where cannabis users/sellers are turned into hardened criminals after their stay in prison. It would take profits away from criminals and into the legitimate economy.  It would allow people who are not criminals to enjoy themselves without the fear of arrest. 

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