First of all I'm not suggesting we remove or reduce the number of Police out on the Streets AT ALL. I would like to suggest that a system should be set in place to allow citizens who want to, to upload video evidence that they have captured themselves. With the advent of technology, most members of the public carry a phone with video capability or other means of recording video.

CCTV is a very effective law enforcement tool, from alerting officers to an incident in progress that can be dealt with, to providing rhetorical evidence of crimes. Unfortunately CCTV is very inefficient, constantly recording and monitoring, even when nothing is happening. Again, I am not suggesting that CCTV system sin place right now be removed, just supplemented.

CCTV is often used to impose fines on people, from littering and public order disturbances to motoring offences. I would suggest that some kind of reward system could be put in place in event of a successful fine being dealt out (say 10-15%)..

Why is this idea important?

  1. People on the whole should feel assured that they can report any offence
  2. People who would otherwise have gotten away with a crime will be punished
  3. A new, steady revenue stream will open up for the government.
  4. People will feel empowered.

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