This Government is off to a fantastic start and in addition to the austerity measures, this project is excellent. The manifesto promises to tackle the ridiculous war against the motorist and protect other aspects of freedom are exactly the way to go and for once we are seeing some common sense – so well done – it is all hugely encouraging.

Local Council Behaviour

Over the last few years I have noticed my local council have become incredibly agressive in forcing me to pay rates in the format they want (Standing Order is not possible!) and it is very difficult to enter into any dialogue with them without being sent threatening letters, threatening court action and so on. It really has become completely disrespectful to the individual and is like talking to a debt collector/baliff. It's made worse by the intimidating behaviour and complete lack of any flexibility or common sense.

Everyone comes across little problems in life and whilst I understand they are trying to act like a business, they are also there for the people. Of course the money needs to be collected efficiently, but this has now become so extreme with so little margin for difficult or exceptional circumstances, it doesnt feel British, just totalitarian.

In my own example I was away in a foreign country for several weeks and set up my direct debit via online banking whilst abroad (it was the only way) which could only pay 3 days later than the specified monthly date……so here I am in Court and being forced to pay in full with charges… hardly makes me inclined to pay, and now that I've risen above the threats and intimidation, I'm perfectly minded to waste valuable judicial time as a matter of principal……and I'm sure I'm not alone in doing this. Surely, we are wasting more money by creating a litigative heaven for the solicitors, than we get back by improving credit control by 3 days…….

We are a decent country trying to do the decent thing, and this sort of thing is just not British. Being aggressive with real people in this  doesnt pay for new hospitals, it just enhances individuals bonus payments I suspect……although I rather suspect the results are not as good as we are led to believe……




Why is this idea important?

This is a symptom of abuse of power and belittlement and intimidation of the individual.

Bad practice needs to be made good and we need to re-establish a standard of decency and cooperation with the everyday man.

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