To counter the rise of ever increasing cost of meeting disabled peoples needs a care benefit should be introduced for those supporting disabled people.

This care benefit will give the carer the exact amount of money needed to pay for the essentials which the disabled person needs such as food. housing & mobility costs.

There will be a option for private companies to also accept this benefit if they can provide a suitable service to look after the disabled. This will create a new opportunties within the private sector and create more competitive care at the same time which is good for customers.

The money will come from the existing budget for disabled people by removing incapacity benefit & disability living allowance entirely.

This will also put off claimants who are not genuine so fourth eradicating benefit theives.

This will allow the government to distribute more money to other vunerable groups like pensioners who have worked their whole lifes while also saving money for the deficit at the same time.

Why is this idea important?

The current welfare system is costing the British tax payer to much money and most of it is wasted on people who can’t look after their selves, never mind their own finances.

When you look where the money is going there is a great in-equality between
ordinary people and those who are disabled.

Currently Job seekers allowance gives £65 a week for an adult over the age of 25.

A long term unemployed disabled adult can receive up to £160 of incapacity benefit a week & £75 of disability living allowance a week regardless of age.

Long term unemployed disabled people receive up to 250% more than the average job seeker!

Ask yourself these 3 questions.

Have these people ever paid tax off their earnings?
How long have these people been unemployed?
Do they really need these bogus payments for the care they need?

We have pensioners who have worked their whole life living in poverty while we support
people who haven’t worked a day in their life live in luxury.

If a frail pensioner can live alone and cope on a low pension I’m sure someone with a disability can as well.

Lets campaign for a fair welfare system!

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