MR CLEGG;when the hunting ban was brought in by the previous government, it was with the support of the parliamentary and public majority. this long-overdue piece of legislation was overwhelmingly supported by all concerned animal welfare organisations who submitted compelling and irrefutable research that the practice of hunting with hounds is, undeniably, cruel in the extreme. what, pray tell, mr clegg(doing dodgy dave's dirty work), has changed in the intervening years?has new research emerged to show that foxes enjoy the,"thrill of the chase"? or maybe a new breed of masochistic fox has evolved that relishes the prospect of being ripped limb from limb? somehow, i doubt it; more likely is that you,(Mr Clegg), have sacrificed the principles of the party for whom(you claim), to have stood, for a little bit of power, in order to satisfy the bloodlust of dodgy dave's mates. how very sad that those who lead our country, are shallower than a puddle in the street. i fear that the die is already cast and this ridiculous website is no more than smoke and mirrors but, if you retain a shred of decency, principle and a sense of what is morally and ethically right, then please, grow some male genitalia and use any influence you may have to do the right thing.

Why is this idea important?

A civilised society is judged by the way it treats its animals-those aren't my words but the words of one of the greatest men of our time,Gandhi. legalisation of hunting with hounds would set this country back 100 years-why not go the whole hog and bring back capital punishment, take the vote away from women, abolish the nhs, the welfare state and free education, reintroduce the poor law and the workhouse(i better stop there or dodgy dave and slippery nick might actually entertain some of these suggestions)………..

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