Because it's illegal, it isn't possible to educate people into its safe and positive uses.

Drug use is not the same as drug abuse.

There are many who do know how to use it well, for relaxation, fun, pain relief, and to aid the states of imaginative concentration so valuable to musicians, artists and software designers (without it, we probably wouldn't have personal computers or the internet). 

There are others who out of ignorance mix their drugs and dangerously lose control.

There are yet others who out of ignorance, fear and bigotry insist on enforcing irrational control on normal people.

The substance is a hypnotic.  It restores natural sensitivity to whatever you're up to, expanding your awareness of that and letting you turn the rest of the world down.

If all you do is smoke and then watch TV, of course you go psychotic, because that's the way of the Media, to terrify people into accepting control and buying more stuff.

If you know smoking it makes you into a criminal, you feel more and more excluded from society.

The alternative is to learn how to use it well, which depends on a freedom to educate.

Why is this idea important?

This freedom to educate is important not just because it would reduce the harm done by abuse of drugs, but because dealing with it would help vastly to restore popular trust in the Government.

It's clear that politicians like to point out what's wrong with society, and then work to correct it.  

Prohibition doesn't work, but it does generate more crime and therefore provides more work for Government.

Drugs are dangerous mostly because of their prohibition.

The present drug laws are daft, their social psychology is dangerously warped. 

It's not just education of users of drugs that is needed, it's education of politicians, and with so many submissions on this subject here, perhaps this can be achieved.

Perhaps they should smoke a bit more and think this all through more responsibly…

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