Dangerous and recidivist criminals should be hanged. Those that are left should be sent to work camps. A simple ration of water and stale breads (yesterdays from bakers) to all. Slighlty better food to thos ewho work. No TV, no ping pong, just a bible at night. Longer sentences, reducable only to those who work very hard over a period.

Clearing derelict land, brownfield sites, clearing litter, and labour job from dawn ot dusk, then the cell.

It is crazy that we feed and give heating and tv etc etc to scum who attack or rob us.  The answer is very simple. Work them till they drop.

In the USA they have quyite an industry going with prison wokrers. We should be making a profit out of prisons not a loss.

Why is this idea important?

86000  in prison costing us £38000 each per year.

All released too early.

Criminals should lose all rights, cittizenship, pension, benefits etc. They should then be worked until they drop so that they repay at least some of the costs they have created.


Forget rehab, if they do have an end to sentence put them on a boat out of the country, with stateless passport an dnoi right of re-entry.

Parole should not be automatic, It should depend upon work reports.


Harsh ???  Dont think so.

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