The Hunting Act 2004 should be repealed ASAP. The act has not 'saved' any animal. It just makes good law abiding people criminals.

How people in Cities can decide what is best for the countryside I do not know. Hunting is part of the community. Packs run shows, point to points, fund raisers for charities and bring visitors in which supports the local B&B's and pubs.

Get it overturned and then let the people in the countryside decide what is best for it.

Why is this idea important?

It is vital that this act is over turned as it wastes so much police time. The police have more important jobs to do than to make sure a hunt is dragging a trail around the fell instead of humanly controlling the wildlife in the countryside to keep it at an acceptable level for the areas they are in.


Hunting with hounds is the only way foxes can be controlled safely in the fells around the Lake District. With upland areas becoming an ever popular tourist destination you cannot use shotguns, rifles etc. Snaring, gassing and poisoning are just far to in humane to carry out and would never dream of it.

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