MPs should also have enhanced CRBs as a condition for employment. Harriett Harman has a driving conviction.The CPS took her to court but the police did not take her DNA.Surely her DNA should now be taken as she is on the police national computer because of this conviction. Ed Balls was stopped and fined by the police because he was driving and using his mobile phone while his young children were in the back of the car. Surely he should be banned from working with children because this must come up as "soft information" on his enahnced CRB?  Surely the Chief constable thinks this as being relevant in Mr Ed Balls case?

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because the Coalition government now need to halt enhanced CRBs so they can get rid of the column "other relevant information". The police have the power to write what they like to here. If we have enhanced CRBs so must MPs. In fact their constitutents are old people and children hence they work with "vulnerable adults". If an MP just had the accusation of making a false claim then this should come as "soft information" on their CRB.  

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