Police Patrols should issue fixed penalty notices to drivers who fail to obey the Highway Code by driving on the left except when overtaking. Basically, if there is a gap in front of you then you should be safely moving to the left.

Ban lorries from lane 2 on dual carriageways and both outside lanes on motorways. Make the minimum speed for cars and other vehicles that can use motorways the same as the maximum speed for lorries.

Remind van drivers that their speed limit is 60mph and therefore should be banned from lane 3 on 3 lane moroways.

Variable speed restictions work to increase FLOW of traffic, so would minimum speed at certain times of the day

If vehicles cannot maintain this minimum speed, even uphill, then they should be banned during certain busy periods.



Why is this idea important?

Most accidents are not caused by speeding drivers and most congestion is caused by lorries overtaking lorries or other vehicles being driven slowly.

Better usage of our existing road network would greatly reduce the necessity of keep building new roads.

The least congested roadworks I have ever travelled through was on the M1 last year, or maybe the year before, when lorries were banned from both outside lanes. The traffic flowed freely on every occassion that I travelled through them. But no mention was ever made of this and the rule has never been replicated, as far as I am aware. 

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