I am very unhappy now as I have been unemployed for 18 months (thanks to Labour). Throughout the last 13 years I have had nothing but temporary work (my life has been on hold). I do not know what people are talking about when they speak about the good times (do they mean not being able to get on the property ladder)? I am 45 years old now (and from Leeds) and look ahead with sheer fright. Having completed a Degree in 2003 (due to there being no good jobs about) I was again dismayed at not being able to obtain a Graduate calibre position. Again I had to go back onto building sites to find temporary work (useless). 

Now I have to endure this pathetic New Deal programme. I have told the advisers that I will not be attending their low level courses run by amateur training companies (set up under Labour). This programme wastes public funds as well – cuts needed (I am already in debt myself due to my studies). I have told the advisers that I require proof that the training company will not be paid unless they find me a job, but they simply ignore me (useless). This programme takes away my civil liberties as I have made a viable plan to find work, however the work is not there. Now I am forced like a prisoner to devote 30 hours a week to learn how to use a telephone and write a CV (hello I have a Degree). Why can't I be means tested for educational eligibility on their pointless course (funded by the Tax payer). This is what "Brown" was referring to when he stated that pointless Labour funded "back to work" programmes (more waste). The way I see it is that amateurs have been enrolled into Government jobs to pass bits of paper from one side of the desk to the other. This went on (under Labour) whilst I struggled/studied/strived to get decent skilled profit making work.

Why am I being punished and forced to go on the New Deal programme – what can they teach me? Maybe they just want to convince me that I should work in a call centre or a supermarket (that is not what I trained for)! Or is that because they have routes into certain jobs and are paid by the employers. They could simply provide me with the contacts and an entry code for applications.

I think the funds given to the useless New Deal training organisations would be better used to pay off my student loan – since I never got a job from it.

Please Conservative party do not copy failed Labour by continuing with the ridiculous and expensive New Deal programme. It could be cut and would allow civil liberties to continue in these already bleak times.

This is not 1984!

Why is this idea important?

My idea of educationally means testing candidates for New Deal is important because it will save money (indirectly cutting). It will allow people their civil liberties instead of being forced like a prisoner onto an unsuitable course. Tax payers money could be saved by the Government and instead guided towards funding struggling employers to top up JSA payments. For example I receive £65.45 per week. This could be topped up by the Government and an employer to enable me to receive a minimum wage. An employer could then train me in what they do; which would compliment my skills to create suitable employment.  Let's stop beating about the bush forcing people to do things which they do not want to do, and start treating workers with respect.

It is time for action not pen pushing – come on let's build this Country up again. 

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