The only way to reduce the high volume of serious crimes is to have in place realistic deterrents – either substantial custodial sentences (where life means life)  or preferably capital punishment for murder, deaths caused by terrorists etc. Since CP was abolished advances in forsensic science would minimise miscarriges of justice and at the same time prison places would be reduced thus saving the related costs of keeping prisoners during their sentence. When the referendum on the voting system takes place in May 2011 why not add issue this to the voting paper and give the electorate a free vote on this issue. The new Government are keen to consult so why not let the people decide?

Why is this idea important?

We need to reduce serious crime, reduce the costs related to the criminal justice system and make Britain a safer place for everyone.

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  1. Totally in favour of Capital Punishment. Lets start with the real criminals in this country. the politicians and bankers.

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