I wish that laws were based on normal responsible people and not on the lowest common denominator of intelligence.

Speed limits should rise to 100 MPH on the motorway as contemporary vehicles are considerably better equipped to deal with breaking and avoidance of collision. Are we all really so inept and thoughtless that we cannot handle 100MPH? Of course not, it would mean that instead of ignoring the law, drivers would finally respect it.

Remove ALL 20MPH zones other than outside schools. Again, the inclusion of 20MPH zones is based solely on the lowest common denominator of driver. Everybody I know can stop just as easily at 30MPH because, wait for it, they use their heads while driving and keep an eye on the road ahead, like most people.

Why is this idea important?

Why should we all suffer for the lazy inconsiderate road menaces out there who can’t even be bothered to do something as simple as indicate while over taking or at a junction? Just because they cannot be trusted to realise that the vehicle they are driving is a killer in the wrong hands and to only drive as appropriate, why do all of us good drivers have to be treated similarly? I say that a driving licence should be among the hardest things to get and only the best drivers should be given them. Then sort the road laws out so that we responsible drivers can use the roads safely and quickly, without hindrance. No cameras and higher speed limits, coppers out on the road doing their job for a change instead of relying on CCTV or speed cameras.

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  1. How can anyone say who is a bad/good driver, you can pass your driving test and then drive as you want. There are speed limits in place already, drivers go way above these speeds, regardless. This is raised by someone who does not know the devastation when a loved one is killed on the road.
    Why do we need to go so fast anyway, leave earlier for journeys, and stop being so selfish because you want to get somewhere quicker and faster regardless of any consequences to innocent people.

  2. I agree with raising motorway limits but with 20mph zones, just no. Streets are for people not cars. If you don’t believe me then look at the past, did the Romans have cars? No they didn’t but they had roads for there armies to march along. If you want a 20mph zone gone then you support a 50%+ death rate in an accident with a pedestrian or cyclist. If you support this then you are one sick person.

    1. No pavements are for people, roads are for cars.
      20mph make sense in genuine high risk areas such as outside schools at peak times but taking general traffic speeds back to those last seen at the beginning of the last century is just absurd.
      And as well mph outside schools at night or during school holidays, don’t get me started…

  3. The only reason that we or rather this government is supporting is that is needs something about road safety to hang its hat on now that speed cameras are no longer viable. It has signed up to an agreement made amongst EU member states to reduce road deaths and injuries by 2020.

    With speed cameras out of the way its only got the 20 is plenty campaign. However what the government wanted was a blanket speed limit on the approaches to all towns cities and villages. That would be the cheapest way so say there are 10 roads in then only 10 lots of signage and no road humps or other speed reducing devices would be required. However the scheme organisers and the local authorities believe that is not on and instead requires many residential districts to have the 20 limit imposed so in a small town that may mean several hundred or even thousands of roads and streets each requiring multiple signage and then in many cased the imposition of speed humps and the like. So many motorised vehicles will be slowed to 20 mph whilst cyclists will continue to overtake them. The motorists will probably drive closer together at lower speeds so drivers visibility will be more obscured and peripheral vision gone. there will be tailgating and pedestrians , with closer traffic will be unable to cross the roads. Drivers will have to fixation on the car in front in case it brakes suddenly and collisions will increase. At junctions where speed is not an issue drivers, who are frustrated by such a slow speed, will be in a hurry and incidents at junctions may as a result be increased.

    The 20 is plenty brigade believe otherwise and that streets will go back to play areas for children. These Poor, deluded, people are living in the past. It will never happen as long as the streets are driven on at any speed it will continue to be a danger to children.

  4. 20MPH zones are NOT based on the lowest common denominator of driver.

    They are based on the lowest common denominator of pedestrian.

    Motorists are punished for the irresponsibility of pedestrians, and the pedestrians are encouraged to be even more irresponsible. Not an effective way to deal with the problem.

  5. raising the motor way speeds via variable road speed signs is a good idea for cars and vans under 3000 kg
    but 100 mph is a pipe dream in england vehicals above
    3000 kg are often overloaded ie most luton 3500 kg
    vans carry only 800 to 1000 kg but have space inside for far more and people fill the available space not the safe
    most small trucks and larger vans have no over weight
    warning systems fitted
    so if traffic is heavy or say between 7.30 am to 10.30pm
    keep the 70 mph limit as these are the times when most people are travelling , with children or the old.
    having a faster night speed may make more of the
    goods traffic move when the main weight of traffic
    are fast a sleep and take some of the load of the rush hours there by being safer

    now for the dangerous 20 mph zone idea
    being a workshop manager my job involves doing the road tests before work is done and after it is done
    if london is covered by 20 mph limit than it will take me the good part of a hour to get to a road where i can hear if a wheel bearing is faulty or something is loose or a diff is likely to seize up etc than it will take
    a hour to travel up the A3 and back than after possibly 2 hours total running time try charging
    the customer also there will not be enough hours in the day to complete the work load
    so no more road tests

    a far better idea would be a 3 mm minimum tread limit on a tire , but the thieves in in council get the speed camera money they would not like to give it to
    a real safety cause like a tire company , much better to be a toboggen on the snow

    more checks on cyclists , 90 % do no wrong but every day i see the odd one who jumps the lights and see loads of bikes in unfit state must admit i was once one of them
    much better young cyclist training at school i got none was never offered it
    also please make them use lights and do you remember reflecters
    also i think a new class of driving licence for mechanics and recovery drivers not issued until
    you have had 10 years in the trade and have high
    city and guild of nvq or national road transport
    industry training board pass
    i say this as to check a car involves a different style
    of driving ie putting a side load on bearings to find which is faulty , driving to a computer instruction at a set speed , engine load , to get useless diesel
    exhaust filters to clear blockages ( when engine may be in limp mode or may go into limp home mode
    at any time or worse still stop running ,
    try driving down the road at a constant high speed for a hour whilst the the co pilot shouts exhaust temputure readings fuel pressures and multiple other
    data readings to you
    not easy

    so why not a trade licence and some give and take
    if you had higher speed limits for mechanics they would be able to check your cars much better and not drive every where in fear of losing their licence , job
    etc on a daily basis

    in the old days the police asked why you drove in a particular manner and if you had a valid reason they
    applied some common sense and sentr you on the way
    now days some faceless jobs worth probably on commission just takes the money out of your pockets

    ps do not let your kids be mechanics its never been so lowly paid as now , 35 years wasted

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