In Switzerland (it was and may still be) illegal to drive an HGV on a Sunday.  This reduced traffic problems and allowed people to travel much easier on a Sunday.  There is little justification for HGVs to be on the road on a Sunday.  All you see are trucks for the large supermarkets jamming up the roads in towns and cities which could deliver overnight after 12am.  In rural counties you regularly see HGVs on minor and A roads as they travel from one store to another.

Give the road back to the motorist for just one day a week please, getting anywhere in this country is becoming a nightmare !



Why is this idea important?

Free Up the roads

Reduce CO2

One Reply to “Reduce Traffic Problems by Banning HGVs on Sundays”

  1. There is about 500000 trucks on the road to date where there is 34million cars on the roads to date so where do you think the traffic is coming from. they should make all motorways toll. So ban the hgvs but when supermarkets can’t fill there shelfs up you will be the first to moan to the store.

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