I want the European Union to withdraw its claim, on any individual, to be a citizen of the EU whenever an individual requires this.

Why is this idea important?

Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states:

  1. Everyone has the right to a nationality.
  2. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

European Union (EU) was imposed by the Maastricht Teaty without  the informed consent of the individuals involved.

EU citizenship citizenship affects the individual's nationality and the right to change this nationality recognised in the above article.

People are not chatels to be asigned to another power as their governments see fit. If this is done without their individual, informed consent, the individual has the right to refuse this status and deny its existsence and have this recognised by the parties that imposed it.

Pursuant to the above, I make the following personal statement, which others may like to make in their own way.

The European Union (EU) claims me as a citizen against my will. I was born a British Subject and I have never expressed any desire, or been consulted on, any measure to change this status. I deny that the British government has the right to assign any of my rights and obligations, as a British Subject, to any power, without my express and informed permission. I am not a chattel to be disposed of by my government as it sees fit. I deny the claim of European citizenship that the EU makes against me and I deny that it can form any part of my nationality. I request and require that it withdraws this claim and that the British government ceases to connive with the EU in enforcing its claim.

The United Kingdom is a member of many international organisations, such as: the UN, NATO, the WTO and the Council of Europe, without any of these organisations making any claims on me to be a citizen.

European Citizenship is unnecessary; it is a sly tactic of megalomaniac eurocrats who want their organisation to become a nation state. I lived in New Zealand for many years, with the full right to vote and participate in society, without being a citizen of that country. Australians and New Zealanders live here with the same rights.

European Citizenship is only necessary to provide a readymade subject population, so that the EU can become a nation state. It is degrading to me to be claimed as a citizen by a bunch of posturing bureaucrats in an office building in Brussels.

I propose that the British Government uphold the right of British Subjects / Citizens to require the EU to withdraw the claims of citizenship that the EU makes against them. The nationals of British overseas territories do not have to endure the shame of EU citizenship, so variances of legal status, under British sovereignty, already exist. Resident British nationals should be allowed the same privilege.

I deny that I owe the EU any: loyalty, allegiance or duty, and that it can make any claim on my person or my property, or require me to serve it in any way.

I deny that EU can form any part of my identity and I require that my: passport, driving licence and any other documents that may be issued to me for official identification purposes, by the British government, be free of any reference to, or emblem of, the EU. In the interests of clarity, it could also include a statement that the holder is not a citizen of the EU.

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