Remove the Hazard Perception Test element of driver training.  This tests only the ability to pass a computer based Hazard Perception Test.  It adds nothing to driver safety and simply adds cost to the driver training process.

Why is this idea important?

The Hazard Perception Test element of driver training is so artificial that it adds nothing to driver training except cost.  Learner drivers have to learn techniques to pass this computer screen based test – it can not teach them experience. 

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  1. I agree with anyone that says removing the current hazard perception test is a good idea. It’s not the fact we have to do it but because the quality of the test and pre test instructions is just woeful. I have spent the best part of £100 on 3 theory tests now, passing the multiple choice and failing hazard perception each time. The quality of the picture in the videos is too blurry, the videos are blatantly set up and the marking system is rubbish. Until the DSA produce a good quality, fair and clearly explained hazard perception test it needs to be scrapped, as well as the revision aids as each one tells you a different thing to the last one. I’m fed up of spending money on theory tests and failing the hazard perception now. Sort it out DSA!

  2. The hazard perception test is really about beating the computer rather than proving yourself a perceptive driver. If you spot a hazard too early, you’re scored 0, and there is no clear difference between what is a ‘potential hazard’ and a ‘developing hazard’, that is, the difference between 0 points and 5 points.

    The multiple choice part of the theory test seems to me to be valuable. It does prove that you know at least a small amount of the knowledge required to drive safely. The hazard perception however, seems to prove nothing.

  3. I totally agree with everyone here, I have also spend alot of money on 3 theory tests and 2 of them I passed the multipul choice part and faild the hazard perception part. I am sick of spending money on theory tests just to fail on the hazard perception. I have just had my 3 atempt at it today, I scored 47 for the multipul choice part and failed the hazard perception. I definatly think it needs to be scrapped just another way to make money.

  4. This test needs to be totally scrapped forget quality of test. When driving you react better and faster to potential hazards as you gain experience and the ability to drive better. What would improve a theory test is to scrap the videos for some questions related to what could be a hazard etc.

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