I would like to remove the prohibition on motorcycle sicecar combinations with the motorcycle on the left. There is no similar prohibition on left hand drive cars being used on the public road, and there is a very useful range of these vehicles that are ideal for forestry and agricultural workers as they have optional two wheel drive to cope with off road conditions and are far less expensive to buy and run and less damaging to the environment than a typical 4×4 vehicle. Due to the limited size of the right hand drive market globally (other RHD countries dont have this restriction) the manufacturers find it uneconomic to produce a RHD version.

Currently the vehicles can be used but cannot be driven on a public road to get from site to site or from home to work (or vice versa), meaning that another vehicle and trailer must be used in addition to the combination, or that a larger 4×4 must be used at all times.

Why is this idea important?

It would provide an alternative for rural workers needing both on- and off-road access that is far less expensive than a conventional 4×4 vehicle and has less environmental impact. These models usually can carry three people properly seated as well as tools as well or can carry two people and a small integral workshop if desired.

It would enable small businesses that do not need or cannot afford a larger vehicle to operate, thus enabling them to save costs and pass this onto their customer.

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