I am totally confused as I have had to wait 5 months to get an appointment at my local dentist. You now have to phone a NHS department (?) to get an appointment. This has taken 5 months (with a chipped tooth)! It is clear that this unnecessary department do things that we all could do ourselves, e.g. pick up the phone or walk to the dentist to make an appointment (simple – how it always was). So now it seems that well paid NHS administrative operatives need to do this for us (bizarre)! When I asked the NHS operative why he needed to do this for me – he explained that it was because the dentists' don't want to be involved in appointment booking! If a NHS department has to be involved then they should do that behind the scenes (general NHS administrative duties). We are all capable of contacting a dentist – what else needs to be done? The appointment booking process seems to be pointless. I say scrap the department and put those operatives into the laundry or kitchen department – where they will serve more of a purpose.

Why is this idea important?

Simple response here – to save money on pointless administration departments. What more can I say, apart from that my tooth is still hurting (useless).

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