CQC registeration for dental professionals is a complete waste of time and Tax payers money. The CQC  process is nothing  but a complete duplication of regulatory measures that the dental profession already faces from the general dental council, the Primary care Trusts and the NHS dental services.

Dentists,  already over burdened with paper work just to meet the existing regulatory measures are  spending less and less clinical time with their patients. The looming thoughts of more paper work to satisfy duplicatory requirements of the CQC  is simlply senseless, demoralising and a waste of everybody's time and money. In these current economic climate Government money can be best spent elsewhere.

I have never been so demoralised in my career than now what with the ever increasing number of hoops to jump through and, all my collegues feel exactly thesame way. All we want to do is practice dentistry and provide quality services to our patients. We dont want to be overburdened by senseless paprwork that seem to be killing morale in the dental profession.

Why is this idea important?

CQC registeration for the dental profession is a waste of time and money. It is simply senseless and, is affecting morale in the profession. Moreover, it is a duplicatory process of existing regulatory measures hence it is not likely to achieve anything new. It should be scrapped.

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