In today's global society every day is important for trade, and the current Sunday trading regulations seem to be stifling for businesses and economic growth.

I believe that if the Sunday trading regulations were scrapped, and Sunday treat as a normal trading day, that this could help the economy and create more jobs.

One disadvantage of this would be that currently workers can refuse to work on Sundays – however, I see no reason why, if the Sunday trading regulations were scrapped, an amendment could be made to the working time directive to state that workers are allowed to stipulate one day a week that they refuse to work. This could safeguard vital time together for families, and also be beneficial to many religious groups. Currently it is only Sundays which people can opt out of, which is beneficial to many Christians – but if people could choose their own opt out day then Christians would still be able to opt out of Sundays, Jews may wish to opt out of Saturdays, Muslims may wish to opt out of Fridays – the freedom would be there to choose whichever day is important to you.

Why is this idea important?

I believe this could help stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and through an amendment to the working time directive it would also improve religious equality and freedom of expression.

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