We all hate mondays, so why not have it as a day off? Whilst I'm at it, we all hate Fridays too, so lets make that part of the weekend too.

The only issue we have then is that Tuesday will become the new Monday, and Thursday would become the new Friday. so, lets make those part of the weekend too.

So, basically, you would have to fit everything in on wednesday…but think of all the extra free time you will have!

Why is this idea important?

To increase morale in the UK

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  1. I am in total agreement with this idea as at present an odd number of days means many people are forced to work a 6 day week as saturdays are often a work day I am particularly concerned for night workers and how the hours they work affect every aspect of health ie diet exercise social life but we are an essential workforce. The world govements need to redesign the calender for a six day week ie tueday to sunday getting rid of mondays all together and not base it on religeous events.

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