My idea is to curb the Law which allows the Police to take innocent people into the cells in order to meet their targets (which came into being under the Labour Government) and by doing so collect extra bonuses for themselves at the year end if they met those targets of profiling innocent peoples DNA DATA  AND FINGER PRINTING.


All innocent people who have had this happen to them should  have that data removed (just like Damien Green had his removed ) IMMEDIATELY and be informed of this by the POLICE and not only that but restitution should be made by way of including an APOLOGY by the CHIEF OF THAT POLICE AUTHORITY  to that innocent individual who has been released without any charges made against them. 


The Police should have no Authority to abuse their Powers in such a way. 

Why is this idea important?

This idea is very important as by so keeping innocent peoples DNA and FINGER PRINTING  on file creates a blot against their character and could stop them from gaining certain jobs or positions in life.  They could be thought of as Criminals by certain Companies, Institutions, Establishments and Individuals (if Police checks are made on them) when they certainly are not and have not been Convicted or Charged with any offence.


In other words when CHECKS are made on certain individuals the mere fact that they have been profiled in this way could work against them in so many ways and prevent them from being themselves and leading a full and normal life like every other member of society.


This is why this kind of Data about an Innocent Individual needs to be taken off the records IMMEDIATELY.

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