The switch off of the analogue radio signal for national radio stations projected for 2015 should be scrapped indefinitely.  The public should not be dictated to over this.  I have not heard one good excuse for doing it.  I have six radio sets including the one in my car, all of which work perfectly well and have done so for many years.  They will still be around long after the digital muck is dead and buried.  Anyone who is desperate to listen to digital radio can do so on their PC or Freevew box or via umpteen other methods already. I have heard that portable digital radios do not work properly  especially in cars. This idea nearly cost Ben Bradshaw my vote and I am still very angry with him for introducing it.

Why is this idea important?

I do not want to throw away or give away my radios.  If the Africans want radios they can go out and buy them like I had to do if they have the electricity to run them.  If not, they can buy wind-up radios.  I am sure that these radios will not go to Africa.  They will end up as land-fill and cause more pollution than tens of millions of plastic bags.  What a waste of resources. How idiotic. It is a criminal idea but a great money spinner for the few as usual. Remember all the railings and pans which were collected during World War 2?  They were not used for the purpose which was put about to make people donate them.  I still use my old cathode ray tube TV and the picture quality is far better than most LCD or plasma TVs.

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  1. Dont Switch off FM Radio.

    FM works properly, let us not switch over to something that doesn’t work properly, especially for those on the move, ie in cars and trucks. FM is a proven and reliable service. Lets keep it.

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