we live in a small town in what used to a very peaceful,tranquil place up until a year ago,a person bought a house on the estate and drinks,takes ,drugs causing allot of serious antisocial behavior to allot of residents some that have stayed in the same area and house for over 50years.we have been told the police,resident association,housing as we are tenants,we are basically been told there not much we can do as he owns his house.the police are trying to get an asbo that's it,we are constantly living in fear of what situation will be brought upon us regarding this individual,who has showed a samurai sword,wants to fight,has a constant flow of poeple in and out his house,can anybody plz help us now we cant take anymore.x

Why is this idea important?

its very important as it should be the same rules for tenants and home owners on antisocial behavior.

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