The NHS is free at the point of use and need. If people find Drs and staff lacking in some way then an internal investigation should take place with the appropriate consequences. These should not include the financial compensation of patients, although an apology should be issued if required/apt.


If, in extreme circumstances, it is judged that a person has been seriously compromised by extreme unprofessionalism, then they should be able to sue the individual concerned under their professional insurance as, for example, currently happens with negligent lawyers/solicitors. No Dr should be practising without medical insurance.


This should stop an ever-ballooning and opportunist drain on the NHS.

Why is this idea important?

Saves a reasonable chunk of taxpayers money and makes people aware of how they can take responsibility for their own choices (NHS vs private) and their own treatment (yes, people can ensure they understand what's going on and stay on top of it – they are not victims they are patients).

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