Tony Blair used this ban to gain publicity at the start of his first government.  All it did was to make it de-rigueur for every criminal to want access to a handgun and to stop all law abiding citizens who had safely and happily followed an international sport from continuing with their often lifelong hobby of target pistol shooting.  Armed crime figures went through the roof as a result meaning that everyone was in more danger not less.  The only losers in all this were the honest reponsible private gun owners and the businesses that supplied them.

Restore the pre-ban status quo. 

Meddling around the edges with special squads and other hair-brained ideas just creates an even messier situation and does nothing for the competitive sport.  Anything is dangerous in the wrong hands.  Demonising inanimate objects is for the imbeciles in our society. 

Why is this idea important?

 Restoring this sport is important because it will give everyone confidence that politicians have moved on from being media junkies and sound bite groupies to become just and responsible members of a thinking government as opposed to manipulators of the truth.

Over ten years out of a mainstream international sport is far too long for our nation.

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  1. The knee jerk to the Dunblane killings has gone on too long.
    Lets restore some common sense and re-start target pistol shooting in England.

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