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Access To UK Citizenship

Comment 15th July 2010

In the early 60's and late 70's people that come over to the UK to work and study do so with the intention of returning back to their homeland to add value. Gradually, the immigration rules was such that people now intentionally come to the UK to study or work and prolong that visa entry to become British Citizen. I believe this is wrong.

The current immigration rule in the UK is unfair to other countries around the world wanting to retain its talent and also unfair to genuine citizenship working hard to make ends meet.

I propose a change in law that states likely that people coming to the UK:

– To work or

– To Study

Do not have access to claim citizenship. In otherwords, the pathway to citizenship I strongly believe should be only by marriage to a British Citizenship or child of a British Citizen. I will also consider PSB Inventors/investors on the discretion of the Secretary of State after 10 years of continuous investment in the UK

Why does this matter?

This initiative does not impact on EU Law but will immediately stop thousands of people that come to the UK to study or work adding to our growing population and ensure that we are also not viewed as contributing to braindrain of other countries or continent (Africa)

Over 2.4 million visitors come to the UK yearly including students and workers with the hope of becoming British Citizen after 5 or 10 years that is not good for our growing population. This initiative will dramatically slow down our the population growth and at the same time ensure that genuine students and worker can come to the UK.

This initiative will also stop undocumented migrants hiding from the authorities for many years in order to claim long residence under 14 Years Rule or hide migrat minors in the country for 10 years in order to claim British Citizen.

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