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Comment 27th July 2010

The idea is to approach local farmers,land owners for earmarked plots of land that are suitable,not too near residential areas, to organise free parties & festivals.Most of these type of events operate on a donation basis ,or generate free enterprise income with food,tea n coffee,clothes n jewellery stalls,and i'm sure the land owner could make some profit too.   These events would operate on a non exploitative basis. All operations can be organized through (nonrestrictive) local council (co-operation) in conjunction with( experienced free party organizers )   .One of the main things this idea would negate,is what we are suffering now= BINGE DRINKING + all its related problems in our towns & cities. I cannot emphasize enough the need for these type of events. During the Thatcher administration + unrepealed by Blair these type of events were stamped out via the CRIMINAL JUSTICE BILL. The country was suffering deep recession +cutbacks ,the youth culture had all its creative expression repressed.  This resulted in riots up and down the country (the queen was not amused) .The residue from this of wich we are suffering now is a culture of directionless youth who cannot express themselves in any other way than (BINGE DRINKING) + all its antisocial ramifacations  . This idea cannot & should not be taken to be shallow or petty in the least,it is a fundamental human right.     

Why does this matter?

The idea is important because it is a fundamental human right to gather and celebrate unhindered by oppressive laws.It is a natural stage of rights of passage & culture to believe in thier own self worth .It will result in stopping binge drinking culture .The current approach to this is doomed to failure + picking on responsible drinkers by putting up prices causes more alienation alround,stick on laws dont work. The youth must have a creative culture to express themselves.     This is absolutely KEY to interlectual growth ,and a healthy society  .For any of this to have a positive long lasting effect the CRIMINAL JUSTICE BILL  in relation to these events must be scrapped or drastically   revised.               

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