I would just like to add coment to the subject of free festivals/gatherings, and feel strongly about  the need to protect our right to provide or attend free festivals and gatherings, without braking any laws and risk litigation. I would like lto express my concern about the intent of some that wish to eradicate gatherings of  human beings that get tog to share music, ceremony, dance, poetry, conversation, community and fun i.e. a festival. We as humans have always celebrated together, as a tribe, a society, a country, or a nation and there is not reason on gods good earth why we should be denied that pleasure or right. Gatherings seem acceptable enough to be liscensed when they make money but when offerred for free it seems to provide a risk that some deem a threat to society.  We were born free and will die free, who has the right to deny us the ability to enjoy free socialisation with others during this very short time we have with each other on this amazing planet ?

Why is this idea important?

It affects us all

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