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Allow ownership of 2mm pinfire revolvers

2 Comments 14th January 2016

Ownership of 2mm pinfire revolvers should be allowed for display or plinking (informal target shooting) use, they offer the user the experience of a real firearm (which they are) although they they are of far lower caliber and power than most legal to own air pistols.

Why does this matter?

We have very restrictive laws in this country on firearms, so if we will never be allowed to own a proper pistol and find air pistols don’t offer a truly “real” feel surely the option of a real but very low powered revolver should be allowed like they are in mainland europe.

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2 Responses to Allow ownership of 2mm pinfire revolvers

  1. mat says:

    they are legal to own as there obosolite caibre, and no shooting them is not alowed, why would you want to? tempting to have one go i know but realy want to shoot one normaly? dont you value your fingers lol, and if you want a real firearm, go get a licence like the rest of us, and yes im in the uk, shotguns and millions of other normal fireamr / millitary guns to shoot etc, black powder remington i would recomend if not go get a .22 gsg mp5 version can let off some steam that way, i love my 2mm but wouldent shoot the bloody thing how silly

    • Darren says:

      That’s bollocks mate they are still made today so they are not obsolete you can buy them online from the states and they are not classed as firearms over there but they come under a section 5 over here or 5c what ever it is

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