Dog and Cat ownership should be licensed, a small test and the animal should be made sterile and micro chipped. All provided by the by a sensible moderate cost of the licence. Breeders should obtain a special breeding licence, at a cost that reflects the money they would make from the sales. This would also require regular vet check ups, eliminating those puppy/kitten farm horrors. Working animals should have a licence discount.

Why is this idea important?

Control of strays, greater control of animal abuse, control of dangerous dogs ie those not responsible can't have the dog.

Have a look in any paper/website and check out the pet prices, these aren't taxed, it's cash in hand.

One last minor item would be all cats (non working, domestic) to wear bells, it may help warn wildlife, how many small birds have turned up on peoples doorsteps?

I'm sure those responsible pet owners (such as myself) would have no problem with this law

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