Scrap the television ownership tax, know as the TV licence.

Why is this idea important?

Its important to abolish this tax because it offers no freedom of choice and forces the poorest to pay.

The BBC has good points but overall it is arrogant,overrated,outdated and overpaid.

Scale this bloated organisation down and make it free to all.

It should concentrate on its core TV & radio programmes, ditch all of its local radio and 75% of its internet content.It can be funded from general tax and the monies it makes from selling programmes abroad and general merchandising plus the savings it will make if not paying Capita  to enforce the onerous licence fee.It could also save a bit more money if it did not reimburse some of its top executives £800 for losing a handbag, has she heard of personal insurance ?  

The TV licence has no place in this century. Its an unfair tax that removes freedom of choice and penalises the poorest in society. Get rid.

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