Like many of us across Britain I was saddanded by the Dunblane tragedy and I mourned with the country however I was amazed by the knee jerk reaction to disallow the ownership of handguns.

The laws in place cannot legislate against the crimianal intent on using a firearm nor can they legislate against the use of a firearm by those with psychotic intentions.

The liberty of law abiding citizens was taken in one fould swoop by the new Labour Government, and yet the un crime in the UK has increased.

A firearm does not kill it is the person with intent who does. Thomas Hamilton had murder o his mind on that tragic day, it had been recomended that his firearms licence be taken away as he was no longer a member of a registered club, he had been ousted from the various clubs in his vicinity. The reccomendation was ignored by a higher ranking Police Officer. There are many If questions here but surely had the Police taken the reccomendation of the mid ranking officer who had discovered the discrepency in the licenseing laws then e tragedy would not have happend, certainly without firearms. If Hamilton had taken a jerry can of petrol into that school he would have done similar actions and yet Petrol would not have been illegal to use.

Law abiding citizens who had the enjoyment of using firearms in various disciplines had their liberty taken from them in a knee jerk reaction which has done nothing to stop the criminal and the psychopath. In fact recently we have a man who owns several pistols and has used them in a horrific crime of shooting. His upper floor in his house was littered with ammunition and he still owned handguns. And yet handdgun ownership has been banned. Why was his handguns not confiscated or indeed why didn't he hand them in when required? Because he was/is not a law abiding citizen. Those who have firearms certificates are responsible and folow the rules. Those who own handguns without the proper paperwork are usually criminals.

Handgun ownership in this country had always been stringent and can remain so in the fraternity of clubs. Give back our liberty for the sport many had enjoyed.

Why is this idea important?

Around half a million people had their liberty taken from them because of one psychopathic man, the law cannot legislate against these people. A psychpoath cannot be understood when he has tendencies to commit horrific crimes.

Firearms bred huge responsibility and those who were fortunate to own firearms are of a different ilk to those who illegally own firearms. Those who owned and own firearms are responsible and hugely careful within their various disciplines. A criminal or psychpoath shrugs off these responsabilities.

The freedom of those who wish to legally own a firearm/handgun have been taken away in a knee jerk reaction and has ultimately done nothing to dissuade criminals and psychotics wishing to use guns.

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