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The importance of the repeal of the Hunting Act 2004

Comment 5th July 2010

My idea is that the Hunting Act 2004 must be repealed at the earliest opportunity.  There are many reasons to say this, but I feel particularly strongly about the following:-

  1. It is bad law and as such should not be allowed to continue in a free society
  2. There is no evidence that hunting with dogs is cruel
  3. At the end of the process the previous administration admitted that it had nothing to do with animal welfare but everything to do with class
  4. Hundreds of hours of parliamentary debate were taken over this subject but only tens of hours about the war in Iraq which made it a wicked, scandalous waste of time and money
  5. Minorities must be protected by law not attacked.
  6. The people who follow hunts should not be subjected to the unwanted attentions of so called hunt monitors.
  7. The police should not have their time wasted trying to uphold a law that is neither easy to interpret nor simple to enforce.



Why does this matter?

It is important because we must as UK citizens be allowed to live in a fair society where our FREEDOM is upheld.

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