Simply that the United Kingdom withdraws from full membership of the European Union and all regulations in this country originating from the EU be annulled.  Thereafter the British Parliament will be sovereign in determining which European legislation is operative in this country and for how long.

Why is this idea important?

About three-quarters of all legislation affecting the United Kingdom now emanates from Brussels.  It arises not from the legislature itself, but a self-serving bureaucracy which has not been elected and is therefore not democratically accountable.  As such it is open to all manner of influences from vested interests and plain corruption.  Its accounts have not been signed off by the auditors for years

It imay be likened to a festering sore, infecting everything with which it comes into contact.  It shackles business instead of promoting it.  Worse it denies Britain sovereignty over its own affairs, for which countless thousands have willingly sacrificed their lives in previous generations.

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