For both the European Investigation Order (EIO) and the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) laws to be blocked from coming into force or repealed. Both are highly damaging to our Civil Liberties and Freedoms as a Nation. European police forces will be/are able to undermine our own when it comes to investigating cases.

Why is this idea important?

These two laws just highlight the typical European machine drive to be able watch over all its citizens. The hard fought wars to eradicate dictatorships and communism are now totaly forgotten both here in Britain and across the channel in Brussels, both London and Brussels have become the hubs for forcing through even more draconian and 'Big Brother' laws. Foreign police forces will be able to place Britons under surveillance, bug telephone conversations, monitor bank accounts and demand finger-prints, DNA or blood samples. Anyone who doesnt comply with the Foreign forces requests will be arrested.

For Example, Spanish police investigating a murder in a nightclub could demand the ID of every British citizen who flew to the country in the month the offence took place, they could also force the UK to search its DNA Database – which contains nearly 1 million innocent people and send samples belonging to anybody to Spain. This could leave an entirely innocent person facing an agonising battle to establish his or hers innocence – just for being in Spain at the time.


There are laws in Britain to protect innocent citizens personal information, but this opens the doors to all kinds of abuse by foreign police forces.

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