If new prisons are required to replace old uneconomic prisons it is common sense to build them in areas where employment is needed most. A 1500 place prison is said to provide over a thousand jobs, in a depressed area such as parts of Wales that would be a thousand people off of benefits and be a major boost to the regeneration of the area.

I note that the MOJ are currently pursuing a rural site in Runwell, Essex, a site earmarked in the LDF as a housing site. Runwell is in an area that does not need regeneration as it has reasonably high employment. To my certain knowledge i know that the leader of the overseeing council of Chelmsford has written personally to the Minister of Justice Mr. Blunt stating that fact, (And this despite the fact that the MOJ are offering a £20 million sweetener in return for outline planning permission)

In this time of belt tightening it does not make economic sense to force such a development on a green belt site where it is not wanted, when depressed areas would welcome the development with open arms and a £20 Million sweetener would not be required.

regards john wiles

Why is this idea important?

The idea is important because it could take a thousand people in a depressed area out of poverty and hence regenerate the area. It is certain that the staff wage bill, and hence running costs would be less in Wales, If sited in Wales on an old brown field factory or mining site no sweetener of 20million would have to be paid. A depressed area could be regenerated.

A huge amount in benefits would be saved.

 It should be noted that it is very often as quick for visitors to travel from London to Wales as it is to travel from London to rural Runwell.

regards john wiles

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